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  • Trevor Heins
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Given upon request


  • Web & Mobile Application Developer2018 -


    • Revolutionary company that does Banking as a Service, creates white label banks for companies
    • Helped launch T-Mobile MONEY, utilizing angular.js and Xamarin.Forms
    • Implemented numerous core features, like Direct Deposit switchover, transaction details, statememts, etc.
    • Spearheaded the implementation of an in-app direct deposit switchover feature that 35% of users have utilized
    • Integrated third-party service to encourage App Store and Play Store reviews which resulted in more than a 50% rating increase
    • Made sure both front ends UI were up-to-date for launch
    • Won sprint MVP multiple timess

  • Mobile Application Developer2016 - 2018

    Dossier Systems

    • Single Handedly implemented mobile application that replicated existing web functionality
    • Application design targeted both phones and tablets on Android and iOS
    • Designed architectural diagrams and facilitated reviews by stakeholders and senior developers
    • Helped shape in-house REST API for better use across both web and mobile applications

  • Teachers Assistant2013 - 2017

    Drexel University

    • Helped numerous students every week with upper level classes during office hours
    • Graded 25 - 30 student’s assignments every week

  • Software Engineer Intern2016


    • Completed front-end sprint work on a 6 person team
    • Headed a Selenium testing project, using Nightwatch.js, to catch any user facing bugs before production release

  • Software Engineer Intern2015

    STV Inc

    • Created a web dashboard for New Jersey Transit, used for remote diagnosis of their train fleet
    • Wrote Python script to update a given fleets modems
    • Added features and fixed bugs on other websites and scripts

  • Software Engineer Intern2014

    Rovi Corporation (now TiVo)

    • Designed and implemented automation test environment, for their mobile application
    • Environment saved quality assurance department 5 hours per week

  • Software Engineering Intern2013

    Opex Corporation

    • Rewrote Visual Basic for Applications code to reduce entry errors
    • Tested existing software written by senior engineers
    • Created statistics reports, based upon testing results, for the senior engineers

  • Software Engineering Intern2012

    Mavro Imaging

    • Created a tool for the sales department, using C#

  • Founder2011 - Present

    Officially Reviewed

    • Founder of company which reviews technology products; produce videos regularly as part of review process
    • Code and maintain website using HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Perl

  • IT Assistant2011 - 2013

    Moorestown Friends School

    • Set up servers, re-imaged and repaired computers, and organized computer labs

  • Actor1997 - 2012

    Abrams Artist Agency

    • Performed in movies, TV shows and commercials
    • Collaborated with directors, sound and camera crews, as well as other actors
    • Learned patience from repeating tasks (shots, lines, etc.)

Class Projects

  • Projector Box2016

    Senior Project

    • Wrote Java Program to help ease the stress of giving presentations in an unfamiliar environment

  • How's the Wait?2013

    CS 275 (Mobile Application Development)

    • Created Android app to display wait times at restaurants near campus
    • Used CloudMine to store wait times

  • More Good than Bad2012

    ENGR 103 (Engineering Design Project)

    • Created iPhone polling app with Cognitive Psychology in mind
    • Amazon EC2 backend
    • Chat room feature, iOS 7 design, social media integration
    • Received grant to develop idea further

Volunteer Work

  • Mentor2014 - 2015

    Puentes Dragon Coders

    • Helped teach grades 3 - 7 how to code in Tynker


  • Drexel University2012 - 2017

    B.S. Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship Minor - 3.25 GPA
  • Moorestown Friends School2008 - 2012

    High School Diploma
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